Eurofiling XBRL Week 2018 28-30 May, will explore how regulation, technology, and data can be brought together to solve challenges facing government, regulators and industry.


Photos taken at the Eurofiling XBRL Week 2018 Conference at Warsaw Stock Exchange

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Speakers will be updated as they are confirmed.

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At Eurofiling XBRL Week 2018 in Warsaw we are renowned world experts across a range of regulatory and financial institutions and organisations. We work to highlight issues and challenges facing the regulatory and financial sector. Our gathering is becoming widely acknowledged within the conference community for the quality, prestigious level of experts and our audience.

List of Organizations attending the event

This year’s edition of Eurofiling XBRL Week will gather about 200 attendees from 33 countries and 16 different sectors.

Why you should not miss our conference?

  • Discover and share national and European experiences, progress and future steps with Regulators, Preparers, Providers and Academics
  • Discuss role of data standards such as XBRL, SDMX, ISO20022 for banking, insurance and capital markets supervision
  • Learn of application of data standards outside of financial industry: for business registers or sustainability reporting
  • Hear about latest regulatory projects from EBA, EIOPA, ESMA, ECB, SRB, central banks, FSAs and other regulators
  • Support building global and European financial data interoperability through application of identifiers such as LEI, ISIN, UTI or UPI
  • Debate new technologies such as ontologies, APIs or Blockchain / Distributed Ledger and their role in financial regulatory ecosystem
  • Engage through Working Groups’ meetings, sessions, panels and consultations
  • Network during sessions, breaks, lunches and friendly dinner
150+ participants
EU regulatory updates
10th anniversary of XBRL EU
10th anniversary of DPM


Eurofiling XBRL Week at-a-glance


The Eurofiling XBRL Week commences with Tutorials Day allowing participants to learn, first-hand about data standards and technologies used across regulatory and reporting frameworks in the EU. 

The Eurofiling Workshop Day is practically oriented towards regulatory data projects and technical implementations such as DPM models, XBRL taxonomies, ISO 20022 messages, SDMX schemas, identifiers and technologies used across CRD IV, Solvency II, AnaCredit, IFRS or other frameworks.

The XBRL Europe Day is focused on evolution of policies and guidelines involving the XBRL standard in Europe, European Authorities and EU countries.

Don’t miss the Academic Track, our open space for sharing ideas and experiences from established and emerging reporting domains using standards. It brings the opportunity for academics and industrial researchers to present and discuss their work.

Highlights of past topics and projects discussed at the Eurofiling XBRL Weeks


  • European Commission DG FISMA Financial Data Standardisation Project
  • European Central Bank SSM Mechanism and XBRL Reporting
  • ECB AnaCredit and granular data reporting
  • ECB SDMX and DPM Interoperability through SMCube 
  • European Banking Authority CRD IV DPM XBRL Reporting
  • European Insurance Occupational Pensions Authority Solvency II DPM XBRL Reporting
  • European Securities and Markets Authority ESEF Inline XBRL Reporting
  • Bank of England Data Standards and Data Strategy
  • ECB Money Market Statistical Reporting and ISO 20022
  • National Bank of Spain SDMX System
  • International Accounting Standards Board IFRS Taxonomy
  • XBRL International updates and best practices
  • Open source software projects

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Eurofiling provides a collaborative environment, being since 2005 an open meeting place for Regulators, Supervisors, Entities from both the public and private sector, such as financial institutions, providers, academic and private individuals around the following central theme: European and National Regulatory Reporting and the financial ecosystem; improving collaboration and awareness to leverage interoperability; together.

XBRL Europe has been set up to foster European XBRL efforts and to implement common XBRL projects in Europe between its members and to liaise with European Authorities and organizations. XBRLEurope is also governed by its Executive Committee under the supervision of the General Assembly. The Executive Committee as the managing body of the Association, is responsible for the management and administration of the Association.

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