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The Openfiling Association presents this tutorial along with the Eurofiling Academy, in their 8th General Assembly. 

Tuesday 29th, 08:00-10:15. Break for Welcome Words 09:00-09:30. 

Download here the Presentation of this Tutorial


Statement of the European Securities and Markets Authority: “The European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) is the electronic reporting format in which issuers on EU regulated markets shall prepare their annual financial reports from 1 January 2020″. 

Tutorial objectives

The first objective is didactic, for software developers when creating iXBRL documents and extended XBRL taxonomies from scratch. The second objective is providing empirical evidence, for reporting entities and regulators, about iXBRL generation and consumption. The third objective is contributing to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) efforts on the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF), according to the European Parliament decisions about transparency in financial markets.

Tools on the demo

Arelle is a project to provide the XBRL community with an easy to use open source platform for XBRL. It supports XBRL and its extension features in an extensible manner. It does this in a compact yet robust framework that can be used as a desktop application and can be integrated with other applications and languages utilizing its web service.

The Really Easy Converter from Excel to iXBRL (RECEiX) is an Excel proof-of-concept open source tool with an input of Excel spreadsheets and an output of (a) the corresponding extended XBRL taxonomy and (b) the corresponding iXBRL and XBRL documents. RECEiX fully follows the XBRL specifications, as inline XBRL, Dimensions and Taxonomy package, as well as Anchoring draft.

The iXBRLextractor to XBRL and Excel is a simple Excel flat spreadsheet with a VBA program of 1200+ lines. Click the button and select your input iXBRL file: the VBA will extract for output file the corresponding XBRL instance document, while showing the content (the facts) in the spreadsheet. The errors detected are also show.

About the experts

Herm Fischer is the author of Arelle.

Javier Mora and Ignacio Boixo are the authors of RECEiX and iXBRLextractor.

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XBRL Europe has been set up to foster European XBRL efforts and to implement common XBRL projects in Europe between its members and to liaise with European Authorities and organizations. XBRLEurope is also governed by its Executive Committee under the supervision of the General Assembly. The Executive Committee as the managing body of the Association, is responsible for the management and administration of the Association.

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