Widening horizons for Data Point Modelling

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Although Data Point Model methodology is well recognized among National and European Competent Authorities, its potential is not yet fully explored. In most cases, it is applied to describe single European reporting frameworks or to extend it for the local needs. There is, however, a number of pilot projects with a potential to widen the horizons of the application of DPM methodology:
  • Shared data dictionaries covering number of Reporting frameworks among different organizations (e.g. ECB Add-on for Solvency II and Pension funds),
  • BI analysis driven by DPM (e.g. DPM based analytics, Network analysis),
  • Identification of Reporting obligation gaps and overlaps between different Reportingframeworks (e.g. Bottom-up analysis in M4FDS project of DG FISMA) 

The 1,5 hour presentation is aimed at providing both business and IT experts an overview of application of DPM methodology. Although the workshop will start with brief introduction to the methodology, it would be beneficial for participants to be already familiar at least with basic DPM concepts (domain, dimension, ordinate, etc.) and its major implementations (CRD4/CRR DPM or Solvency II DPM). During the event number of available tools allowing for DPM modelling and analysis will be presented (including open-source solutions).

Michal Skopowski, dr

Michal Skopowski is actively researching for more than 10 years financial regulations and financial supervision around the world. Michal’s experience contributed to introduction of new approaches to define financial data models (co-author of Data Point Model methodology) or methods to identify and describe reporting obligations gaps and overlaps across multiple Reporting frameworks (Financial Data Standardization Project at DG FISMA). He significantly contributed to development of number of European (CRD4/CRR, Solvency II) and National (Bank of Spain, Deutsche Bundesbank, Bank of England, Bank of Ireland) Data Point Models.

Marek Wlodarczak

Marek Wlodarczak has over 6 years’ experience in financial data modeling and XBRL taxonomies development. He participated in number of projects for national supervisory authorities and other organizations interested in metadata governance and efficient financial data reporting mechanisms. He   is   knowledgeable   in   application   of   Data   Point   Model   methodology   for   various   reporting requirements (statistical, financial, transactional). Recently, he investigated possibilities of network analysis for the purpose of financial institutions supervision. During his career, Marek assisted in a number of trainings aimed for both IT and business experts.

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