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3rd XBRL Workshop for European Supervisors

XBRL in Europe along with the Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) are organizing (Find here the agenda) the
3rd European Banking Supervisors XBRL Workshop,
on 13-16 September 2005 in Brussels.

The main purpose of this workshop is to help supervisors to realize that XBRL is the right choice, in particular implementing COREP XBRL at national level, and i.e.:
  • To provide technical background & knowledge in order to take advantages of XBRL;
  • To show to the audience (approx. 50) that real software solutions are available and can be implemented at the local banking supervisor level;
  • To show the achievements of the process initiated on February 2005 about COREP XBRL;
  • To show how it works in national regulatory environments: supervisors will get even more leverage by implementing COREP and others together.
CEBS Secretariat has distributed the formal invitation for Supervisor attendants (16/8/05 16:40)

We will therefore invite the software & solutions vendors to present their contributions in a specific session in order to briefly introduce their company, show their solutions, and demonstrate it with real taxonomies in order to provide answer to supervisors's real expectations. As these expectations are different from country to country and selection criteria may include factors we are not considering (size of the company, language skills, geographical proximity...), it is important to consider that every player will be threated on the same way and i.e. we certainly do not plan to make a benchmark of proposed solutions.

  • Who? Any software & solution vendor able to present its solution(s) in line with Description of the Business Process
  • When? On Wednesday 14 September 2005 during a 30-45 minutes time slot (exact duration will depend on number of participants and will be confirmed ASAP).
  • Where? At the National Bank of Belgium in Brussels (full details will be provided to attendees with confirmation before end of August)
  • How will it happen? Each vendor is asked to provide a brief company’s presentation (< 5 min) and then to demonstrate his solutions according to attached papers.
  • Cost? There’s no cost but the participation is strictly limited to 2 persons by vendor. A personal confirmation will be sent a few days before the event.
  • How to apply? By sending the Application form (closed since August 12)

For practical and organisational details:
Olivier Servais Tel : +32 2 702 64 82
For technical and presentation details:
Ignacio Boixo Tel : +34 91 338 64 52


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