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6th European Banking Supervisors XBRL Workshop.
October 4th-5th 2006, Bank of Spain


Hands-on demonstration about XBRL implementations of COREP and FINREP final taxonomies in practical terms.

The focus of this Workshop will be showing how to implement the COREP and FINREP reporting flows in XBRL terms. The primary target audience is oriented to Project Managers in charge of Reporting Projects.
A script about different possibilities of implementation is being developed. The script will include test cases to be transformed into XBRL reports, validated, and incorporated into Supervisory repositories, using commercial tools as well as proof of concept tools.
The origin simulating reporting Entities will be diverse, from manual entry to Databases, from Excel to web pages, in order to show the versatility and adaptability of the "XBRL Standardization" concept.
In the same way, the XBRL reports are to be incorporated in simulated supervisory systems. A document collecting the supervisory use cases and requirements is going to be posted to the Yahoo Group, and this document may be revised or extended by any supervisor.
Implementing these use cases and presenting real-life implementations is the main topic of the 6th Workshop. During the demonstrations, a number of posts will be running in parallel, interconnected in a Network. The reports will be transformed and sent from a post to other.
Face to face explanations will be provided in each post.
In addition to the Supervisors, the XBRL Industry and Bank representatives are invited to be an integral part of the Workshop, with the limitation of available seats. Supervisors will have the opportunity to learn about existing XBRL industry solutions and services, focused during the demonstrations. Bank representatives will discover how easy is the implementation of XBRL technology for their reporting.
Plenary sessions with Project presentations and practical developments will be scheduled. Supervisors will be encouraged to provide practical and useful experiences to their colleagues. Find here the invitation sent to Supervisors.
The Workshop is initially scheduled for October 4th -full day- and 5th -morning only- in Madrid, Bank of Spain. The attendance is free, with confirmation filling this Registration Form for security issues.

Information about accommodation here.

Find the description of the exercise as Plan for the 6th European Banking Supervisors XBRL Workshop with focus on implementation of COREP and FINREP with commercial tools.

For details please contact:

You can also attend the Workshop via audio/videoconference. ISDN connection. Please visit,1443,pw-8092-8103-6141,00.html for technical details. The Bank of Spain technicians will contact with you for testing purposes.

Workshop Presentations


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