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Digital Future: Critical success factors (download)

Wednesday 8th 08:00 09:00

In this session, Thomas and Ian want to take a practical approach to thinking about how XBRL fits into the wider corporate reporting environment and what critical success factors it might need. The first part of the session will build on the work of the Financial Reporting Council (UK) Lab’s recent Digital Future Project. Thomas and Ian want to explore with the audience who XBRL does or might in the future adapt to meet the needs of preparers, users and regulators of XBRL enabled corporate reporting.

In the second part of the session, Ian and Thomas want to challenge the audience to think about all those relationships that the XBRL community need to make and other initiatives and technologies they might need to support to fulfill the promise of XBRL enabled corporate reporting.

Thomas Toomse-Smith Ian Hicks
 Thomas joined the Financial Reporting Lab in late 2013. Thomas led the Lab’s ‘Towards Clear and Concise Reporting’ project and is now leading the ‘Corporate Reporting in a Digital World’ project looking at how the use of digital reporting might be optimised in the future. Before joining the Lab, Thomas worked in the Corporate Reporting team at a FTSE 100 company and in insurance audit both in the UK and the US. Ian has implemented core processes that recognise, define and adopt best practices in XBRL engineering and implementations, both internally and for a range of international customers. He brings, as Chair of the Best Practices Board of XBRL International, an extensive experience in strategic planning, teaming processes and first-hand experience of XBRL implementations.