Thursday 8th 08:00 09:00

This is a technical standards update tutorial, presented by two well know international experts of the XBRL community: Paul Warren and David Bell.

Download here the presentation slides. General topics for this session will include:

  • xBRL-CSV examples for the OIM model
  • Inline XBRL examples as this would be relevant to ESMA
  • Overview of Assertion Sets 2.0 specification that is in PWD for review and comments
  • Any other general topics
  • Q+A from the audience

If interested in additional topics, please ask to the speakers in advance. They will kindly include the requested stuff in the agenda.

Paul Warren David Bell
Technical Director of XBRL International, responsible for developing and maintaining the standard globally. He has been an active member of the XBRL community since 2002. A former chair of the XBRL Specification Working Group, Paul has worked on XBRL implementation projects around the world, and has over a decade of experience designing XBRL software. Paul also founded and runs a web hosting company and advisory services of XBRL reporting. Paul holds a degree in Physics from the University of Oxford and is based in Oxford, UK. Email: Member of the XBRL Standards Board. David has been involved in day to day development and implementation of XBRL products and technology; deployment of some of the world’s largest XBRL projects on four continents; active participation in the XBRL standards working groups, support of XBRL conferences including speaker, training and panel contributions and participation within local XBRL organisations such as XBRL Europe and Eurofiling.