Workshop on Solvency II DPM and Taxonomy 2.2.0 PWD (link to presentation)

EIOPA has published on 01/06/2017 the Public Working Draft (PWD) for Solvency II, DPM and Taxonomy, version 2.2.0

Feedback is very welcomed till the 30 June. As you can see in the release notes, in this occasion EIOPA aims to deliver three acknowledgements letters for your valuable contributions during the PWD review.

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• 15:00-15:20 General introduction to Solvency 2.2.0 PWD
• 15:20-16:00 Business changes for 2.2.0
• 16:00-16:45 XBRL taxonomy changes
• 16:45-17:30 Questions from the attendees and round table

DPM and Taxonomy 2.2.0 ​​​​​PWD (Public Working Draft) (Published 01/06/2017)

.- Taxonomy Licence
.- Release Notes
.- DPM Dictionary and Annotated Templates workbooks
.- The detailed change log between 2.2.0 PWD and 2.1.0
.- The DPM Documentation
.- The Business package supporting the PWD changes
.- The Draft of List of validations and supporting syntax documentation
.- XBRL Taxonomy (as taxonomy package)
.- XBRL Taxonomy Documentation
.- Filing Rules for Solvency II Reporting
.- XBRL Test Instance documents
.- The DPM database

Target audience
This workshop is addressed to financial reporting and IT experts from filers, regulators, consulting and software firms. Considering the technical nature of the content, participants should have knowledge in XBRL and DPM.


Aitor Azcoaga
Data Analysis