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Goal: Create an extensible reporting framework, for financial and non-financial entities, on the climate change footprint, suitable for use in any Jurisdiction and with any metrics, in line with regulatory reporting frameworks. The framework will be metrics-agnostic, orirented to structured data, taking advantage of the lessons learnt in Banking and Insurance reporting taxonomies, supported by Data Point Model methodology and being Internet-ready (XHTML plus iXBRL).

Plenary session: 16:15-17:00, Monday 9th December 2019, UN Climate Change Conference, Green Zone, Madrid. 

Panelists and delegates welcome. Mandatory registration open for entrance in the UN Climate Change Conference at Partitipation by confcall also available.

Preparatory workshop: 09:00 – 14:00 Meeting of volunteers at Business Register. Diego de León 21, open open specifically for this meeting (Dec. 9 is a bankholiday in Spain). Discussions about project design, taxonomy layout, lines of work, action plan, deliverables…..