Month: December 2018

ESEF: green light on RTS endorsement

European Commission has given its green light on endorsement of the RTS on ESEF. The final text of the Commission’s legislative proposal (delegated act) sent to the Council and to the European Parliament can be accessed at this link in all official languages of the EU. Please note that this delegated act is still subject to the right of the European Parliament and of the Council to express objections, in accordance with Article 290 (2) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It is expected that the objection period will be 3 months renewable once. If no objections are raised at the expiry of this period, the text will enter into force upon Publication in the Official Journal.

ESMA’s video tutorial on the ESEF, 2018-11

ESMA has published in November 2018 a tutorial on the upcoming ESEF format, which will be used as from January 2021 by Europe’s stock-listed companies.

The text is available via this link