Eurofiling fellows may be interested in the following events…

      Extending ESEF opportunities.  Eurofiling event.
7th December 2021. 14:00 – 16:30 CET. Registration open

  • First of all we celebrate the traditional Eurofiling Award Ceremony. Since 2012, the EuroFiling Foundation has been recognising the work of outstanding collegues in the field of structured reporting. This year is for Anna Sciortino, our alma mater at ESEF go live. Hosted by Annemie Rombouts, Chair of the Corporate Reporting Standing Committee, ESMA.
  • During the event, we will look at the prospects opened up by (1) the consolidation of ESEF (2) the data point model promoted to ISO 5116 standard, and (3) sustainability reporting.
  • And finally all we take the opportunity for whishing a happy, fruitful and safe year 2022 to the entire Eurofiling community!

Open source mapper from ESEF to ERICA templates. 

XBRL Spain presential event. 14th November