It is a great pleasure to share with you that our joint Eurofiling Community development – the Data Point Model methodology – is now officially an ISO standard number 5116. To find out more please check: ISO 5116-1:2021  ISO 5116-2:2021  ISO 5116-3:2021

The DPM is as of 2021 in use across the entire EU, UK, South Africa, Moldova, Israel and several other jurisdictions. It enables data understanding across banking, insurance, investment firms and other verticals of our economy.

While it is impossible to list all the Colleagues who have contributed to this effort, one thing is certain: it represents a truly collaborative and extremely important consensus between regulators, private sector and vendors that builds transparency, trust, and usability into our economic ecosystem. Looking forward to work with you on the evolution of the DPM. See the attached invitation for details.

See the original documents here (developed in the CEN workshop for XBRL) and a list of 121 references to DPM here