On June 1, 2 and 3, 2016, the traditional Eurofiling XBRL weel took place in Frankfurt, with:

  • 17th XBRL EUROPE DAY (June 1st)
  • Networking dinner, 70 € to be paid in cash (!) at restaurant (June 1st)
  • 22nd Eurofiling Workshop (June 2nd)
  • DPM/XBRL tutorials and dedicated meetings (June 3rd)
  • Academic Track (June 2nd & 3rd): XBRL readiness Call for Papers (closed since May 1st)

The community expresses its gratitude to the European Central Bank for hosting the public sessions.

AGENDA    Presentations are available via this link.

Adjacent events:

  • May 30th full day, EIOPA.  Tool for undertaking (T4U) meet the market. Registration Closed, no fee
  • May 31st morning, EIOPA.  Solvency II XBRL Taxonomy “Meet-the-market”. Limited seats, no fee
  • May 31st afternoon, EIOPA. Internal XBRL Taxonomy Task Force meeting. Members only
  • June  1st full day: XBRL International Groups. Members and observers
  • June 3rd full dayEBA. Internal XBRL Subgroup meeting. Members only

XBRL WEEK IN FRANKFURT 2016 was a tremendous experience!
172 participants from 30 countries shared views and experiences in more than 50 meetings and presentations held at the ECB premises in Frankfurt. The organisation warmly thanks the European Central Bank and its staff for having hosted the public events, the volunteers for all the work, the speakers for their contribution to the events and the audience for being there.