Data Point Model


Data Point Modelling is a methodology which intends to create a bridge between the functional design of a reporting framework – “the reporting templates” – and the technical design of an XBRL taxonomy. Over the years, this has resulted in the so-called “Eurofiling Taxonomy architecture” which is employed in the current taxonomies from EBA and EIOPA. The essence of this methodology consists of building a dimensional data model which is the foundation to the schemas and relationships in the Taxonomy.

► DPM canonical description and guidelines – CEN Workshop on XBRL.

Reference documents which have lead to a common understanding on Data Point Modelling since its inception in reverse chronological order:

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► DPM as ISO standard.  Karla McKenna, 2020
► The Data Point Methodology for Supervisory Reporting.  Event, several speakers, 2020
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► Openfiling Academy: Formal Validation of Data Point Models
► Abstract description of the model represented in taxonomies following the DPM approach. December 2012
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► Data Points Structure: Explanatory Documentation December 2009
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